Kurt F. Geisinger

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    Kurt F. Geisinger

I am director of the Buros Center for Testing and Meierhenry Distinguished University Professor at the University of Nebraska. Previous positions include professor/chair of the Psychology Department at Fordham University and Psychology Professor/ Dean of Arts and Sciences at SUNY-Oswego, and Psychology Professor/Vice President for Academic Affairs at two institutions. I helped bring about positive change at each institution. Among my primary contributions at the three institutions where I served in leadership positions was the development of robust systems of learning outcomes assessment. In the American Psychological Association, I served two terms on the Council of Representatives representing Measurement and Evaluation and then on the Board of Directors. I represented APA on the International Organization for Standardization’s Test Standards Committee, and have served on seven other APA task forces, including the Good Governance Project. I was an APA delegate and chaired the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (1992-96), served on APA’s Committee on Psychological Testing and Assessment and APA’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology and was president of the Coalition for Academic, Scientific and Applied Psychology caucus in 2009. I have been elected president of the division of Assessment and Evaluation of the International Association of Applied Psychology. My primary academic interests concern learning outcomes assessment, proper test use, testing individuals with disabilities and language minorities, and adapting tests across languages and cultures. I chaired the College Board’s Research Advisory Committee, the Graduate Record Examination Board, and the GRE Technical Advisory Committee, was a member of the SAT Advisory Committee, a member of the National Council of Measurement in Education’s Committee to Develop a Code of Ethical Standards, and numerous other task forces and panels. I am a council member and treasurer of the International Test Commission, editor of Applied Measurement in Education, and have served on the editorial committees of eight other journals. I edited or co-edited the APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology, Psychological Testing of Hispanics, I, and High Stakes Testing Science and Practice in K-12 Settings with APA books, and the 17th, 18th, and 19th Mental Measurements Yearbooks as well as Tests in Print VIII and Pruebas Publicadas en Español: An Index of Spanish Tests in Print. I recently edited the Psychological Testing of Hispanics: Clinical and Intellectual Issues (in press). My work cuts across virtually all areas of psychology. I have published approximately 130 chapters and journal articles. My awards include APA and APS fellow status as well as a charter fellow status in the American Educational Research Association and the Association for Psychological Science. APA’s Div. 5 (Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics) awarded me the Jacob Cohen Award for Distinguished Teaching and Mentoring; the Northeastern Educational Research Association gave me the Donlon and the Doherty Awards for mentoring and service, respectively; and SUNY-Oswego honored me with their Distinguished Research Award


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