Speakers Presentations


Speaker Name Lecturer Title Dwonload
First Day
William Spady A Transformationl View of Outcome-Based Education Dwonload
Second Day
Dr. Fasil Al-Mashary
Dr. Mohamed Al-Owhali
NCA’s Predentation of its LEarning Outcomes Project Dwonload
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation: Towards a Quest for Holistic Evaluation Dwonload
Mohammed Alkathiri Achieving CAEP Standards: Challenges in Saudi Higher Education Dwonload
Ibrahim Elgendy Problems and Challenges of Medical Students’ Evaluation to Measure Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Dr. William Brozo Global Learning Outcomes: Designs and Metrics for the 21st Century Dwonload
Dr. Muhammad Naveed
Dr. Abdullah Al – Sadaawi
Psychometric Features of the Engineering Learning Outcomes Exam from Different Perspectives Dwonload
Ahmed Mutwally The Extent of Emprovement of Learning Outcomes in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at king Saud University Dwonload
Asmaa Mahmoud Attia The effect of using the Braille Sense devices (on hand) in the evaluation and tests for blind undergraduate students Dwonload
Ridha Bin Kachou Employing Communicative Competency in Learning Outcomes Assessment Dwonload
Samia Al-Maghrbi Standards based Education and its Impact on teaching with Reference to (MMECCA) standards Dwonload
Susan M. Brookhart Using Performance Assessment and Rubrics to Show How Students Can Apply Their knowledge Dwonload
Jillian Kinzie Taking Action on Evidence to Enhance Teaching and Learning Dwonload
Abdulfatah Mishat How to improve the Saudi universities PYP’s educational outcomes? Dwonload
Najat Babikir The Effectiveness of Application of Alternative Evaluation Strategies to measure Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Mahmoud A. Smadi DIRECT AND INDIRECT MEASURES FOR COURSE OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT Case study: Signals and Systems (EE 330) Dwonload
Wajid Hussain A Digital Integrated Quality Management System for Automated Assessment of Qiyas Standardized Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Iqbal Dandari Assessing the Assessment Plans Dwonload
Alsaid Awashiri New Trends in Methods of assessing performance in Math problem-solving Dwonload
Monica Stitt-Bergh Three Frameworks for Successful Learning Outcomes Assessment Dwonload
Thabit Thabit Proposed Framework To Measure The Quality Of Modern knowledge Systems Of Education Dwonload
Yousry Othman The Reality of Evaluation Method of Students Learning Outcomes in the preparatory year at the University of Dammam in accordance with the requirements of the quality and academic accreditation Dwonload
Ziad Al-Abdullah Effects of sample size on discovering item differential functioning and itsw impact on learning outcomes assessment Dwonload
Anthony J. Nitko Current Trends and Future Directions in the International Assessment of Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Dr. Amani Gandour Course Assessment as a Means of Linking SLO’s to PLO’s Dwonload
Dr. Tayeb Brahimi The Impact of Accreditation on Student Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Hamish Coates Assessment of Learning Outcomes Education Dwonload
Joseph A. Rios Filtering Rapid Responses for Low-Stakes Student Learning Outcomes Assessment: An Investigation of Two Approaches Dwonload
Muhammad Umer Formative assessment and its consequential validity: A practice yet to be truly implemented in Saudi higher education Dwonload
Nikolaus Bezruczko Measurement Properties Improve Assessment Validity Dwonload
Mohamed Almory Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes “AHELO” on the international Level Case Study on Zagazing University Dwonload
Haifa Jamal Al-Lail Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Based on Institutional Core Values Dwonload
Amr Houtia Cooperation among universities as a mechanism for the development of indicators in measuring and evaluating the learning outcomes Dwonload
Third Day
Barbara S. Plake Assessment in the Service of Learning Dwonload
Dr. Natasha Jankowski Making the Implicit Explicit: Transparency and Assessment Design Dwonload
Karim bin Mustafa Standards of learning outcomes: the Adoption of the competency Approach by the Algerian Educational Systems. Dwonload
Mostafa Ismail Application for Direct Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Engineering Education Dwonload
Mahmoud Elhanfwy The assessment and evaluation standards for learning oucomes in e-learning and distance education programs in higher education. Dwonload
Georgios D. Sideridis Learning Outcomes in Math as a Function of Type of University: An Application of Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling Dwonload
Usama Ali Psychometric Quality of Scenario-based Tasks To Measure Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Najia Abdallaoui Maan How Do Faculty Beliefs and Practices Affect Learning Outcomes Assessment? Dwonload
Ioannis Tsaousis Learning Outcomes of the Teacher Competency Test – General Form as a function of the Type of University in Saudi Arabia using Rasch Analysis Dwonload
Ari Huhta Using the Common European Framework of Reference in the evaluation of educational achievement in foreign and second languages Dwonload
Dr. Tim Judd Moral Decisions: Outcomes and Assessment Dwonload
Analyzing Teacher Professional Standards as Latent Factors of Assessment Data: The Case of Teacher Test-English in Saudi Arabia Dwonload
Dr.Muhammad Usman Awan Assessing Employability skills in curriculum of Chemical Engineering Programs Dwonload
Mansour Ben Zahi Factorial structure of student leadship skills inventory among Algerians Students in Ouargla Unviersity Dwonload
Aly, Hany Preparatory Year Experience in Improving Quality of Undergraduate Outcomes at King Saud University Dwonload
Farah Shafiq Effect of Classroom Quizzes on the Achievement of School Student Dwonload
KarnicaVyas Brain-Based Learning: A Neuroscientific Pedagogy focusing on Learner’s Outcome with a shift in Attitude Towards Learning Dwonload
Raafat Bin Abdulrahman The Electronic portifolio and education outcomes assessment in higher education institutions Dwonload
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Engineering Programs in Saudi Arabia Based on Learning Outcomes Dwonload
ZahidMehmood Validity Issues in Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Large Scale Educational Surveys: An Examination of Booklet Effect in PISA Dwonload
George D. kuh Evidence-Based Improvement in the U.S.: Current Practice and Lessons Learned Dwonload
Amal Al-Gerrni Science Education Graduate Students’ Specification Level and the Implementation of Performance Tasks Dwonload
Kurt F. Geisinger Overview of 21st Century Skills Dwonload
Abdulghani Al-Hattami Fair Evaluation of Teachers’ Classroom Teaching: A Boost to Achieving Learning Outcomes Dwonload
Kaj-Itani & Taylor Delphi Research Method to Enhance the Quality of General Education Dwonload
Hala Zubair Al-Imam Measurment of learning outcomes: A Study of the for the Curzicule of two Subject matters Statistics and Professional work values Dwonload
Radiha Bin Abdulrahman Toward a comprehensive approach in learning outcomes assessment Dwonload
Fahad & Saadawi How to use learning outcomes scores? Application on engineering tests Dwonload
Maha Zaki Identification and study of the most important variables that affect learning outcomes Dwonload
Zainab Al-Zayed Evaluating Continuous Assessment Program at the primary level, in the light of the Context, Input, Process, and Product (CIPP) Evaluation Model Dwonload
Ghada Sherbini Current Practices in Measuring Learning Outcomes of Academic Programs in Saudi universities Dwonload

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